Eureka Police Using Chemicals Against the Homeless Poor! Letter from Kathy Anderson

For the last week, May 14-20, the Eureka police dept., county and city officials have been using fire and petrol chemicals to burn out the homeless camps along the west side of Humboldt Bay. These fires have destroyed tents and personal survival gear. This assault began with threats from the police to campers that they were going to use chemicals along the bay that were harmful to humans and animals. The worst part is how inhumane people are being treated by these officers and city/county officials, the trauma of being threatened with harm should people not obey and leave their camps (homes). The thought of where to go is disturbing to say the least, as there is no where for homeless persons to legally camp in HumCo and there is not enough affordable housing for them to rent!

Personally, I am horrified at the actions of the city of Eureka and the lack of interest from the county towards appropriate care for the most vulnerable people in our communities, the homeless.

Burning out the homes of poor people is a flagrant disregard for human life and the most barbaric action of government I’ve seen in this country, what is supposed to be a FREE and safe place to live.

My life is devoted to the betterment of the community in which I live, I had hoped to find within the structure of what is supposed to be government of the people, by the people, and for the people a compassionate approach to the lack of housing for my neighbors who live in extreme poverty, instead you have used fire and threats of harm to run them out of the city and county.

What should be the response from myself and others who care about homeless persons? Do you suggest that we accept your actions as prudent and safe? Do you suggest that we simply turn our heads and leave you to further your war on the poor? I will not and neither will many others just let you get away with such atrocities as have been seen and done in this county/city for 25 years. You will be sued, over and over again if that is what it takes to bring you into compliance with Human Rights, such as what the U.N. has established.

How dare you assume that you can treat human beings with the total lack of respect and care that this fire storm has demonstrated! Because you obviously lack a conscience and a heart for the rights of the poorest of us each of you who signed onto this plan to clean out the homeless camps along Humboldt Bay with fire will experience at sometime in your life what you have inflicted upon others. It is the law of the universe, what goes around comes around. I am thankful that God Himself will set the record straight, I nor anyone else need retaliate with violence, “vengence is mine saith The Lord”.

Most sincerely seeking hope and a future for all people, Kathy Anderson


6 Responses to “Eureka Police Using Chemicals Against the Homeless Poor! Letter from Kathy Anderson”

  1. Get them out of here! Have you looked at the homeless problem that we have. It’s not struggling families that are down on their luck, or falling on hard times. It’s degenerate trash, it’s people who don’t want the kind of help they need. It’s the kind that refuse the help if it means having to sober up, or receive mental help. The resources are there if wanted, at least to some degree.
    Go to the plaza and see how many able bodied youth (on general relief) are panhandling while drunk. If you feel bad for the humboldt homeless you’re a fool. Pass me the torch, i’ll fix it good!

  2. jayduba Says:

    1spoke4real don’t you want to gather them and put them in camps? Maybe do some medical experiments on them? Maybe tattoo them so as to keep track of those undesirables? Maybe find a final solution?

  3. They put themselves in camps, experiment on themselves with drugs and alcohol. And then they recieve better medical treatment for their sloth and glutony than most hard working tax payers can afford. As far as keeping track of them, you would only have to wait outside the endevor or the rescue mission. Both of wich are placed rediculously close to main tourist areas (briliant idea).

  4. Why did it take you until now to learn that this is how cops operate?

    When will you learn that states have always been engaged in a war on the homeless, ever since the very beginning of capitalism, and that no god has ever taken vengeance on any government official for it?

    When will you learn that this war is deliberate, and coordinated from the highest levels? A large enough homeless population would be a threat to the continued stability of the capitalist system. Therefore, states ensure that homelessness is an unsurvivable condition. The cops’ intention is to murder these people by taking away their ability to survive.

    Meanwhile, the capitalist system by design constantly pushes people into homelessness that once occupied a livable position in the market.

    As a result, the cops have learned over time to be as organized as efficient as possible in making sure that homeless people die quickly in ways that can easily be perceived as being their own fault.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, that was so much incoherent psycho babble, conspiracy nonsense I can’t even believe it. A secret homeless agenda, wtf. What a retard. A surprisingly small amount of homeless die in our area. Not nearly enough. Lets get some bad drugs on the streets.

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