PARC Needs a Little Help from Friends

Dear Defenders of Human Rights, Veterans for Peace, OWS Supporters, Students, Tree-Huggers, Believers in Social Justice, Survivors, and People embodying all combinations of the above:

Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community (PARC) has some bills to pay and really needs your help.  We have two phone lines: one which is available for people dropping in to PARC to make long or short distance calls and to send faxes, and which exists also as the office and organizing phone for Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community; the other phone line is used for jail support, accepting (expensive) calls from the jail and allowing us to keep incarcerated activists connected with the movement, with emotional and mental support, and to help take care of business (legal and personal) while they are locked up (for whatever amount of time they are in).  Currently, those bills are overflowing.  Please help.

We also have electric bills.  With electricity, we run computers, printers, and a kitchen; wash tons of publicly-used dishes; charge copwatch cameras and personal cell phones; and provide some facilities for people to wash up.  We keep our electric bills pretty low, but we need your help.  (PARC was instrumental in keeping Smart Meters from being installed at PARC and in most of the neighboring residences.)  Just about every email I send to keep you updated comes from PARC.

Most costly of all, of course, is rent.  PARC is currently undergoing a five day closure, but that is a first in its 4-plus years of existence.  We’ll be back and running every day again, beginning after May Day.  In the meantime, we need to gather $750 for rent by May 6th.

We have a paypal account and are so stoked when people sign up for regular donations, from 5 dollars up.  THANK YOU.  And to all of you who contribute from right down the street to across the country, we are grateful.

Bummer is, the money is coming in slower and the bills are harder to pay these days (tell ya about it, right?)

Support grassroots spaces and movements.  Please donate whatever you can to keep PARC going and pay off the bills from lots of activity!  Our supplies are the result of recycling, generosity and resourcefulness; we don’t spend money on anything fancy- just the basics.

Please call  707.442.7465 if you have a donation to drop off (leave a message if no human answers).

Or use the paypal.   To donate with paypal, go here:


Or send a donation to: PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka, CA  95502

If you want to hear more about what we do at PARC, feel free to call or email- or come by after May Day..  Pass on this message to your lists and friends, co-workers, and anyone who might be interested or able to help.  We need to raise about $1,000 dollars- bit by bit, quick!

With faith, gratitude, and attitude (hee hee),



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