Seidner Lags Bohn in Signage

I have been transiting Eureka lately and I have noticed a few Cheryl Seidner yard signs, but Rex Bohn is out-signing her by at least 10 to 1.

I know that Seidner is pretty new to the campaign but she really needs to ramp it up.  The last couple campaigns run by the Dems in this town (Neely and Glass)  were both very slow starters and ultimately losers.  Name recognition will be important.

I am hearing Seidner ads on the radio, the ones featuring Patty Berg but so far I am not hearing any compelling reason why I should support Seidner.  Just feel good stuff.  It is not enough.

And please no support for the fantasy port and railroad to Red Bluff.  No politician dumb enough to support this will get my support.

I want to support Seidner, I will not support Bohn.  So my choice will be to support Seidner, De Modena (slim) or sit on my hands.  Please liberal Dems give me some positive reasons to support Seidner.

One interesting thing about the Bohn signage though is it mostly appears on commercial buildings, obvious rentals and a lot of vacant homes.  Obvious that Bohn is supported by the landlord class in this town.


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