LAPD Shoots and Kills Teenager Abdul Arian



101 Freeway closed in Woodland Hills

April 12, 2012 | 7:34am

Eastbound lanes of the 101 Freeway remained closed Thursday morning in Woodland Hills as the LAPD investigates the police shooting of a teenager after a brief car chase.

What began as a high-speed pursuit ended shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday, when 19-year-old Abdul Arian got out of his car, began running and was shot by officers.

more from google news:

“Los Angeles police have not said whether the man who was shot and killed by officers was armed. The man’s family identified him as Abdul Arian and said he was unarmed. An uncle said the young man both wanted to be a police officer and feared police, and he wondered aloud if officers could have used non-lethal force. A graduate of Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Arian was attending Pierce College.”


4 Responses to “LAPD Shoots and Kills Teenager Abdul Arian”

  1. The Justice Department needs to take over this case. Another non-white, unarmed teen is shot. The police should have used a tazer, or rubber bullets, etc. No reason to shoot a teen that was running away from them 20-30 times!

  2. This idiot got what was coming to him. The only people I feel sorry for are the cops who had to kill him. He calls 911 and says he has a gun, he points something like he has a gun. Thank God his genetic code stops with him.

  3. Are you kidding that you actually think they should have used a taser? Are you from the same planet? He calls 911 and says he has a gun, he acts like he’s pointing a gun and you actually say they should have used a taser. Your just as stupid as he is

  4. why did they have to used so many bullets? these idiot pigs should be in jail and the chief of police must and should go to jail as well.

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