Young Homeless Woman Dies In Eureka, 1 Day After Homeless Chased from Courthouse

A 26 year old homeless woman named Jennifer Anderson according to the Times Standard was found dead or near death in a grassy area “across from the County Library”.  Of course the article says “suspected overdose.”  They always demonize the poor.

It is very cold and very wet in Eureka right now.  Temps in the high 30s at night, windy 15-25 mph and very wet/ rain squalls.  It is die of exposure weather.

This occurs just 1 day after the poor and the homeless were heartlessly pushed off the courthouse grounds.  An emergency, but no emergency help provided, like food and shelter, or at the minimum a safe campground, running water and portapotties.


update “Jennifer Anderson” may be AKA Jennifer Joan Nelson re this Eureka city press release 2010

14 Responses to “Young Homeless Woman Dies In Eureka, 1 Day After Homeless Chased from Courthouse”

  1. Her death is very sad indeed. However, your article is no better than the one on the Times Standard. You fill it with assumptions and conspiracies to fit your twisted view of the world. You don’t know what happened either. You weren’t there. You are no better than any other person with their own agenda – trying to capitalize on somebody’s misery. Shame on you.

  2. What assumptions did I make?

  3. TammieLanham Says:

    It is my opinion that Jennifer was murdered by her husband..he was there .he would not even sign the papers for her burial. as her husband he was worthless. i dont believe Jennifer was homeless, but if she was it was Eric Nelsons fault..he just would not leave her alone when she was sober. I Loved Jennifer she was my baby girl.

  4. TammieLanham Says:

    watch what you say I am her Momma and will not tolerate your bullshit… did not know her do not presume to act like you did or that you cared or care.shut your mouth and only state facts which are lacking in your slander of my daughter

  5. My condolences on your daughters death. I did not know her but I do care about her – I have a daughter and I hate to think that she could die unaided on the streets of this city. It is the Times Standard that is saying she was homeless and died of an overdose. This is their usual tactic to dehumanize the poor. I think I made that point clearly.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is so sad. I hope the police follow up on what led to her early death.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Humboldtage: Wait a minute…the OWS movement was a political protest against the 1%…now you are turning it into something else for Eureka. If homelessness is the issue then they should carry signs that say “Help the Poor” and stop pretending it’s part of OWS. This is about helping the homeless not stopping political corruption for the rich. The protesters would get more sympathy if they were truthful in why they are there. OWS protests in other cities weren’t co-opted by the homeless pretending to demonstrate against corporations….

  8. Anonymous Says:

    She was a heroin addict and a prostitute

  9. You have a point, Jesus no doubt would have told her to fuck off and die.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with her dying in the streets, her addiction did. Do your homework before you go blaming people for “demonizing” the poor. She was infact a heroin addict, and heroin addicts do die in the street. Since she did die of a heroin overdose, nobody was demonized, unless YOU think this behavior makes her a demon. Which is basically what you’re saying.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    And as far as the homeless at the courthouse…is it my job to make sure heroin addicts have shelter, food and water, Bill. Thats co-dependant behavior and not healthy or helpfull to anyone. I don’t think the courthouse should be a hangout for degenerates. Its a place of business, maybe you can invite them to hang out at your place of employment or maybe your front yard to “protest”. Give them an invite if you are truly sincere about your convictions.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Very sorry for the death of this woman. I hope she found a better place. It makes me sick that someone would bring OWS/Occupy Eureka into this. As being someone that was part of the occupy…I wasn’t there to help the homeless although we did…the whole point of Occupy was to bring awareness to corporate and banking corruption…not buying into the ‘game’ anymore, and trust me I work my A$$ off and pay my taxes and was out there till i realized it was a bunch of bullshit humbums complaining and not doing anything…Don’t blame the raids or the occupy itself on this person’s death…Just makes more people think that all everyone was asking for was a handout or a place to sleep (while some were trying to make a change) the occupy was about something so much bigger than you can even see apparently…whether you were actually a part of it or not…i put my heart and soul in to the cause until it ate me alive…you guys are a bunch of vampires sucking the life out of anyone you can sink into… The lady was on heroin…she was going to live or die by her choice…My mother did meth for MANY years…and I don’t blame anything but her choices for it…and she is better now…some aren’t so lucky. You know how many drugged out people I was nice to and befriended during the late scary nights? I’m a woman by the way… They all make choices…and OCCUPY wasn’t meant to be a safe and sober house….nor a safe house…or a house…it was a MOVEMENT…and you all lost the message. Sorry to rant…but this $hit Fuck1ng pisses me off… Again…to the family…I’m sorry for your loss…may they find their light and shine

  13. Anonymous Says:

    oh and high 30’s is not die of exposure weather…it gets colder in the desert and doesn’t rain…so you can’t even collect water…I camped out on that lawn…but didn’t sleep cause I was sitting in my chair holding a sign that I wanted people to read. not that cold…lots of warm clothes gloves and hot chocolate go a long way… go to montana yo…THATS COLD. please homeless flock here because of the temperate weather…it’s temperate like all of the rest of the beach cities but we apparently love homeless transient life wastrels here…unlike the rest of CA…and it’s too cold any farther north…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    i can also personally say that no one having to do with occupy pood and peed on the courthouse…i saw the dude who did it on my way to get hot chocolate. anyways…

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