Humboldt County Enacts NAZI Style Emergency “Free Speech” Ordinance Targeting Occupy

live feed watch history being made:

watch the new Democratic-Republican fascism being rolled out in front of your eyes.

humboldt county supervisors pass  phony “emergency” ordinance that criminalizes peaceful protest it looks like they learned their lessons from Syria.

supervisors mic checked by several audience members, chairwoman Virginia Bass pulls the plug on morning session.

via Occupy Eureka:

“A  sad day for the First Amendment in Humboldt County. The vote on the “anti-Occupy” ordinance was 4:1 with Mark Lovelace being the only dissenting. Thank him for standing up for justice, the rest…well you can let them know how you feel about it. This kind of fascism is happening all over the country. This movement cannot afford to fail. We must stay diligent and work for the change we need.♥ Thanks to all who came and spoke out, many beautiful truths were revealed.”

a pdf of the “emergency ordinance”

humboldt herald debate here: and here and here and here

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