Domestic Product Requirement for Large Eureka Retailers

What do you think of the idea of requiring large retailers in Eureka to maintain at least 25% of their sales in products manufactured domestically in the U.S.A?  I realize such an ordinance would most likely require an initiative but it is an interesting approach.  It would stand a good chance at passing.

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One Response to “Domestic Product Requirement for Large Eureka Retailers”

  1. what communities need to do is boycott these big box stores until they file bankruptcy and leave–no matter what they do to ingratiate themselves into a community THEY CANNOT HELP BUT BE PARASITIC-!we need to abandon the big box model completely as a culture–there needs to be an area for ONGOING free market -flea market open market -where people can vend without being tied to a $3000 –$6000 a month lease–where the individual craftsman –cook–clothing maker can sell without stupid buracratic parasitic regulations–giving people the choice-to buy from their friends thus supporting the community directly–or going to a branded store where 30% of the money goes up the line to the 1 %ers —

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