Not Your Grandparents Beef…..

An indictment of industrial gmo corn fed beef vs.  grass fed beef.   It’s an eye opener.


“But how much of the problem isn’t red meat … but the fact that what we’re eating isn’t what our grandparents wouldn’t even recognize as meat at all?

For all of human history – until the last couple of decades – people ate beef from cows (or buffalo or bison) which grazed on grass. The cows were usually strong and healthy. Their meat was lean, with very little saturated fat, as the critters ate well and got outdoor exercise. Their meat was high in good Omega 3 fats. See this and this, and humans evolved to consume a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids in the wild game and fish which they ate (more).

Today, on the other hand, beef is laden with saturated fat and almost entirely lacking healthy fats like Omega 3s, because the cows are force-fed food which makes them sick. Specifically, instead of their natural menu – grass – they are force-fed corn, which makes them sick. Because their diet makes them ill, they are given massive amounts of antibiotics.  Even with the antibiotics, the diet and living conditions would kill them pretty quickly if they aren’t slaughtered.

They are also given estrogen to fatten them up. And they are fed parts of other animals, which can give them mad cow disease.”

One Response to “Not Your Grandparents Beef…..”

  1. Black-Flag Says:

    Down with cows!

    Take the “national forest” for example….government fags try to keep people out on quads with their claim that ohv’s destroy habitat. One needs only to see the banks of streams that cattle graze for free on to see the damage done.

    Quads not cows, and send anyone who claims to “work” in government to china where they belong, in their cherished police state they so desire.

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