POLL: Should the United States & NATO Leave Afghanistan Immediately?

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One Response to “POLL: Should the United States & NATO Leave Afghanistan Immediately?”

  1. Winslow Wilson Says:

    We in the USA would hate a foreign army trampling around in our country, giving us curfews, and destroying our economy. This war should not have been.

    The people who attacked us on 9/11 were a handful of misfits who were from Saudi Arabia, namely Bin Laden and his other spoiled- brat- rich- kid friends with nothing better to do than blame the world for their problems.

    George Bush Junior responded as any child would and behaved as any child would. namely, He had a temper-tantrum.

    It is time for a real Adult leader and Adult Congress to appear in the United States.

    The US has only taught the world one main lesson in this war on Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Here is that sad lesson. If you (any country) have a Nuclear Weapon capable of delivery, you are safe from a U.S. invasion of your country.

    A Painter during the Dark Ages named Peter Brueghel the elder
    once did a painting of a city titled something to the effect of
    The World is Run by Children. It showed all the adults and their leaders behaving like little brats, fighting and stealing things and behaving much the same way as our Bankers, Wall Street Crooks, Corporate leaders and Congress representatives.

    The only thing that has changed since the Dark Ages is the advancement of Technology and our time is up.

    All Hail the Cockroach. Science has shown that this creature is able to survive living in a totally radio active environment. It adapts quickly, turns over thousands of generations in a very short time and doesn’t make war on itself.

    “Only a fool fights in a burning house” – Klingon Commander from Star Trek TV series

    The Two Party system has worn out and no longer works.

    Relent and work together or be prepared to bow to the new world leader. King Cockroach.

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