Support PARC – Eureka, Arcata, Humboldt County

Please donate to PARC, Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community!

We run every day and night (about 9:30am – 11pm) on volunteer work and donations.  In a society which is largely controlled by money, we get creative and do a whole lot of sharing.  Food, pamphlets, books, knowledge, phone use, internet, clothes, shoes, blankets (when we got ’em!), space, support…  PARC also focuses on supporting and advocating for people abused by police, slumlords, and courts.  PARC exists so that people can grow strong and share, build community, take a load off, and possibly, cultivate the love of revolution, turn some things around!

There are a few special needs currently.  I’ve been somewhat debilitated from a sciatic condition (aka pain shooting from my butt cheek to my heel), and PARC could really use more helps.  Also, we have some storage work to do and help creating a new home for friends, so we need help with a good moving vehicle and a couple of healthy backs.

For the moment, please see if you can donate for RENT and BILLS so we can pay them all by March 6th.  Thank You!

And much gratitude to those who remember PARC when you have warm clothes, chocolate, art and office supplies, a little “extra” $$, food, and blankets.

To donate money to PARC: You may use the paypal account at the PARC page:

Or call before dropping off a donation:  707.442.7465.

Or mail a donation to: PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka, CA  95502

Thank you!


“This ain’t charity, it’s survival” is what we have always said at the PEOPLE PROJECT Good Morning Neighbors Breakfast, which began three and a half years ago and continues today, every Tuesday and Friday on the corner of Fairfield and Hawthorne, Eureka.  Sharing is the only way we will survive.


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