Arrest of Mad River Biologists Sean McAllister Raises Questions on Shell Wind Energy Bear River Project

update mar 15  Mad River Biologists Ron LeValley and Sean McAllister Plead Not-Guilty, Feds May Step In


update: mar 6

Special Announcement

The Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) is a society of professional seabird researchers and managers dedicated to the study and conservation of seabirds. Ron LeValley was the treasurer of the Pacific Seabird Group. Effective February 27, 2012, he has resigned from his duties as the PSG treasurer.”

MAJOR UPDATE MARCH 5:  It appears that Sean McAllister’s mother is the “life partner” of Ron Levalley.

“Charlene [McAllister]  is a Registered Nurse who grew up on the Northern California Coast with a love for the outdoors. Having served on many boards and commissions over the years, she was invited to join the Audubon board in 1999, and she is glad she said yes.
The mother of a biologist/birder she was first introduced to the world of birding by her son, Sean. Sean introduced her to Ron LeValley, who has become her life partner and has opened doors into the natural world and its wonders.”

update mar. 4:  more fallout from blogger HQ :

“HQ believes the arrest of LeValley and others will call into question the scientific credibility of all research projects and other efforts that LeValley and Mad River Biologists have been involved with since 1982. Those projects and agencies include the Northern Spotted Owl, BLM, FS, California State Parks, California Resources Agency, Pacific Flyway, Plover-related beach closures to vehicles and other public uses, and implementation of the Marine Life Protection Act on the Northcoast. ”


A Survey of Birds and Bats at a Proposed Wind Energy Site, Bear River Ridge, Humboldt County, California

Mad River Biologists

Eureka, California

A Survey of Birds and Bats at a Proposed Wind Energy Site on Bear River Ridge, Humboldt County, California


Prepared For: Shell Wind Energy, Inc. Houston, Texas Prepared By: Sean E. McAllister David M. Fix Mad River Biologists 417 Second Street Eureka, California 95501 February 25, 2008

6 Responses to “Arrest of Mad River Biologists Sean McAllister Raises Questions on Shell Wind Energy Bear River Project”

  1. They need to be proven guilty before ANY questions are raised. DUh

  2. I think everyone who this company has done surveys for including the city of Arcata, the California Coastal Commission and the counties of Humboldt and Mendocino should take a close look at their work. Of course these people are innocent until proven guilty, but if they are guilty then all of their work must be suspect. In the case of the Bear River project, we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.

  3. Where’s the money? Are commotted funds still in a bank? What are the ongoinhg contracts? I would certainly not like to see the MRB projects stopped without getting to the bottom of this. Would there be a possibility of a surviving entity to be set up?

  4. Those same 25-35 two-megawatt wind turbine have upset numerous communities – because they can be heard a long distance away – it will change the soundscape significantly – including the likely irritation of any humans nearby


    The Production Tax Credit (U.S. Federal tax subsidy for wind power) has just been turned down for the third time this budget cycle.

    The first time was in December when it was attached to Payroll Tax and lost. In March the second try attempted to attach to Transportation bill but failed. And now today in a vote in the U.S. Senate where the wind energy industry needed 60 Senators to extend the tax credits this year, the vote was 49-49 – not enough for the subsidies to continue.

    Despite massive paid lobbying efforts by the American Wind Energy Association, the U.S. voter and taxpayer won this round and at least 3 billion dollars has been freed up for uses other than paying it straight to the pocket book of multinational energy companies.

  6. Interesting…..Do you think this will change Shell’s plans for Bear River?

    I do like wind energy in general but I don’t think Bear River is the place for it. I like offshore windfarms, far enough offshore so they don’t trash the viewscape and don’t kill lots of birds. In addition to that, why should we let a corporate polluter like Royal Dutch Shell build anything here?

    have a peaceful day,

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