North Carolina Republican State Rep. Larry Pittman Wants to Bring Back Public Hangings

and he wants to hang abortion providers.

via Think Progress:

North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Calls For Bringing Back Public Hangings, Starting With Abortion Providers

By Marie Diamond on Jan 27, 2012 at 3:45 pm

The last legal public hanging in America took place in 1936 in Owensboro, Kentucky. The “event” attracted 20,000 people and turned into such a sickening spectacle that many credit it with ending the practice in the U.S.

But one North Carolina Republican believes that as a country we’ve grown soft since banning public hangings and is calling for them to reinstated as a deterrent to crime. If Rep. Larry Pittman had his way, “abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers” would be first in line for the gallows:

daily kos:

raw story:

more from google news:


2 Responses to “North Carolina Republican State Rep. Larry Pittman Wants to Bring Back Public Hangings”

  1. Lethal injection is too pussy for this dude, and hanging has such a rich a beautiful history in the South.

    Gas chamber, electric chair, firing squad, guillotine, none of them screams “I hate n****rs” quite like the noose.

    Of course, in my opinion, once the state makes the decision to end people’s lives, they don’t win or lose moral points over the method. Death is death.

  2. Just hang WHITE COLLAR CROOKS like current county commissioner attorney Jay White of the CORRUPT Hartsell and Williams firm. Actions always speak louder than words. Cabarrus County is firmly rooted in “good ole boy” ways. Public hangings of corrupt politicians, attorneys and those corrupt others that are supposed to be “public servants” would be a voice for the little people who have been stomped for far too long. Not extreme when one thinks about how corrupt this country has become and how “in your face” with their corruption are the very ones who now think they are ENTITLED to more than just our vote. This kind of Corruption is insidiously rampant because Acccountabiltiy is Null. Start hanging these lying white collar crooks and see how quickly our economy improves.

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