HighBoldtage Posts of the Year, 2011

1.  5.9 Earthquake Rattles Central Virginia

I got about 6,000 hits on this story, probably because I was one of the first bloggers with it and I do lots of earthquake stuff it is an interest of mine, so google gives me cred.


2.  The Joplin Tornado, again I was early on it…..


3.  Emerald Triangle Seed Co…..about 1800 hits


4.  Fukushima, HighBoldtage one of the first blogs in the world on the meltdown post-tsunami.


5. New Earthquake Swarm Hits Hawthorne, Nevada.


6.  Mainstay Business Solutions Shuts Down, between the several posts on this topic I got thousands of hits.


7.  Jim Berkland Expecting Earthquake in California……didn’t happen that month….


8.  Realtime Radiation Monitoring:


9.  United State’s Biggest Nuclear Accident, Simi Valley California 1959


10.  California Milk Radiated with Fukushima Fallout:


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