Occupy the Rose Parade – Maybe


Kathleen Miles reports on the Huffington Post:

“Pasadena is known around the world for its New Year’s Day Rose Parade. About 51.9 million Americans watched the 2010 Rose Parade on television. It was broadcast to more than 220 countries. It makes sense, then, that Occupy the Rose Parade wants to use the venue to broadcast the sentiment of Occupy Wall Street to the world.

“As the Pasadena Sun reports, in a meeting Wednesday with Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez, Occupy the Rose Parade agreed to march peacefully and not disrupt the parade.

“‘We want to make sure this is completely non-disruptive to the main parade,’ Occupy the Rose Parade organizer Peter Thottam told the Sun. Police department spokeswoman Lt. Phlunte Riddle said, ‘As long as they observe the same rules as everyone else and show respect for those around them, then they are welcome.’

“After the parade, the demonstrators will display signs outside of the Norton Simon Museum and then carry a 250-foot banner of the US Constitution from Orange Grove Boulevard to a rally at Pasadena City Hall.

According to the Los Angeles Times, County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said Tuesday that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will contribute officers to strengthen the Pasadena police presence at the parade.” 



THE GOAL: We have called out for over 4,000 “Occupy Wall Street” protesters and supporters to come together from across California, New York and rest of the USA & World with large 4 ft X 6ft (or larger) signs and banners focused on “Corporate Money Out of Politics”, “Corporations are not People”, “Wall Street Accountability”, “End the Fed” demands & similar calls for real systemic reform.
ROADMAP & PLAN FOR JAN 1-JAN 2, 2012 : Occupiers from around the U.S. and around the world will non-violently march, demonstrate, leaflet/flyer & gather from 12 pm Sun. Jan 1, 2012 all the way through to 11 am on Monday, Jan 2, 2012.


confirmation via LA Times:


However Occupy the Rose Parade is not affiliated with Occupy Pasadena:


Daily Kos has a “fraud alert” on this action, so we will see:



3 Responses to “Occupy the Rose Parade – Maybe”

  1. Tweddy1810 Says:

    Pas-A-Dena, was created, by displaced upwardly mobile, Hoosiers from INDIANA. My Homestate….Growing citrus for fun and profit.

  2. ------Black---Flag------ Says:

    you should go and protest, bring your guitar, your weed, and a tent

  3. and a chill Humboldt Honey too. Don’t forget the honey….

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