Humboldt Tea Party Patriot Racism

Outside of Mike Thompson’s office, Humboldt Tea Party Patriot rally August 2009.


6 Responses to “Humboldt Tea Party Patriot Racism”

  1. It is a reference to the joker in one of the batman movies. .

  2. If you’ll do a little research on the origins of the Obama Joker image, it has nothing to do with racism. This is not an Al Jolson style white face allusion. It was done by a left leaning young man of Arab descent who was disappointed by Obama’s failure to live up to campaign promises made to the Left. He is comparing Obama to the Joker character of the Batman series. It was then picked up by Alex Jones and widely disseminated amongst the Liberty Movement. It’s not about racism, it’s about character, and more specifically, the lack of character.

    In my experience, the Tea Party has been inclusive of all races. The movement is about getting back to a small government that lives within its means and obeys the Constitution. At least part of every race sees the wisdom in those principles and is welcome. I would suggest that you actually attend some Tea Party events. You will quickly see that the mainstream media has grossly misrepresented the character, personnel and aims of the Tea Party, just as they did OWS. I think that the Tea Party and OWS have a great deal in common, and I am sorry to see the media try to convince them that they are adversaries. More of the old divide and conquer.

  3. It may be a referance to the joker from batman but, it is a little close to a racist image of black people having to put white on their faces for entertainment, surely this has not been lost on the people creating the image?

  4. I’ve done the research. I know that the image was created by a muslim man who was pissed at Obama.

    Let me ask you this, if it is not racist symbolism then why don’t we see it at all the Tea Party rallies? It seems like if it is just a matter of character then you could use it to recruit black people to your cause, no?

    have a peaceful day,

  5. Not everyone is a fag. Some people don’t like the image, you don’t seem to enjoy it. Maybe a marina would be a good tool to recruit black people? They could park and wash boats that visit Eureka from other ports, and not just pull up in a 1982 honda that smokes and bitch about people and their business. Business is a great way to promote votes. ( if you partake in Lucifer’s Kingdom ) My advice is don’t vote, don’t partake.
    Fix the ballon track- Boycott Dummies!

  6. “Let me ask you this, if it is not racist symbolism then why don’t we see it at all the Tea Party rallies? ”

    You don’t see the Obama Joker poster at all the Tea Party rallies because it is undeniably an offensive image, whatever its creator’s stripe. The vast majority of Tea Partiers would agree with you on that. Obviously the guy in the photo didn’t feel that way, but as you must surely realize, a spontaneous, unstructured protest group cannot be expected to present an absolutely consistent message. By asking why the image is not seen at other Tea Party rallies you acknowledge that this one individual is displaying something of which the larger group does not approve. It’s one guy with an offensive sign, and one that was dreamed up by someone with the opposing political bent. How does that represent “Humboldt Tea Party racism?” It doesn’t. It’s one guy, out of step, in front of the cameras. Someone is inevitably going to show up with a sign that is not in step with the majority sentiment at every protest. The same thing happened to OWS. The media swoops in to photograph misspelled or racist signs and interview babbling idiots, and then uses the embarrassing aberrations to represent the whole. Do you really want to help them do that?

    The Tea Party is concerned with fiscal responsibility, limited government, and the preservation of Constitutionally acknowledged civil liberties. The best images for those purposes are the Gadsden flag, Founding Fathers and those representing a money mad federal government draining its citizens. And that’s what you see there, along with a whole lot of stars and stripes, and not many Obama Joker posters. As I said previously, racism, or even personal enmity towards Obama, is not the Tea Party platform.

    The Tea Party is not seeking to “recruit” any race or group like the Republicrats do. They are seeking to educate all Americans on the beauties of the Constitution; on the prosperity for all that is possible when cronyism is removed from capitalism; the need to remove the right to generate money from the privately owned Federal Reserve and to restore it to Congress; the need to banish the sprawling army of professional careerists and lobbyists from government and replace them with moral, altruistic patriot servants; and that protection of individual rights produce an happier and more prosperous society than any collectivist system ever has or ever will. People who love liberty and have faith in their own ability to succeed in an honest, unmanipulated economy come in all colors and cultures. That’s why there are black Americans heading national Tea Party groups. They know what the Tea Party is about, not what the media tells them that it’s about.

    I am sorry to see so many sympathize with only one or other of the Tea Party and OWS and vilify the other. Personally I am comfortable among both groups. They are protesting against the same, debauched system, but are just proposing different solutions. OWS seems to want more government to administer a just system that ensures enough for all. The Tea Party doesn’t trust government to do anything with competence and integrity, and so wants the individual freed to pursue his own interests in an impartial, free market system. It all comes down to how much you trust a government to do the right thing. I don’t. I was in Eastern Europe during communism, which doesn’t exactly inspire warm and fuzzy feelings about strong governments. I want it small and limited. So in that sense I am a Tea Partier, but I’m with OWS in their perception of the bankers’ and corporations’ destructive role in society. We live in a corporatocracy seeking to make slaves of us all, and I believe that the power elites are selfishly leading our society to violent collapse and themselves to the guillotine. Politics doesn’t have to be a team sport. There’s not just two sides. Teams are so limiting and jingoistic. I don’t play team sports. I ride. Get on a horse, you can jump, slide, dance dressage, chase cows, shoot at targets, whatever.

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