5 Responses to “Parallax”

  1. Wonderful comparison!

  2. Except i haven’t heard any reports of policemen knocked to the ground in the current conflicts.

  3. Black Flag Says:

    You won’t. During WTO/Seattle the occupation didn’t report on several of their patrol cars being burned to the ground by fighters who slipped back into the urban alleys.
    Crispus Attucks, the brother in the painting, was the first American shot by the crown. The war went fine with the militia spanking the redcoats, until the Masonic Ones took control ( george washington ) and fought a regular army campaign leading to higher losses. Washington has a portrait in every Masonic Temple and did the bidding of his masters.
    Funny how the queen owns part of the federal reserve, how would the founders feel about that?

  4. I agree with Kym.

  5. @Black Flag

    Brother Meriwether Lewis (Seen his picture in any temples? I think he was higher up the ladder than Washington.) and others also did their part putting down the true spirit of US independence at Shay’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion. It wasn’t long after the revolutionary war, when the withering taxes rolled in and family farmers were stripped of everything they had to pay them, that people began to realize they’ve traded one oppressor for another.

    A state power terrorizing their own people, that never changes. You could have just as easily posted a picture of a Roman Caesar sending in his troops to massacre and terrorize his own people (which they did quite frequently). The only thing that has changed now is that the violence is applied scientifically, and there’s a cadre of apologists and spin doctors on television to hypnotize us into apathy, or worse, into rooting for our oppressors.

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