Counter Occupy Agitprop – Be Careful Folks!

I post this here, it showed up on craigslist tonight.  I think it is a long list of reasonable “demands” mixed in with a few ringers designed to scare the beejeesus out of religious people and gun nuts.  It is in my opinion, very clever anti occupy agitprop, probably from a very sophisticated operation.

here it is:

Forum Post: Proposed list of OWS Demands

Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act. Unionize ALL workers immediately.

Raise the minimum wage immediately to $18/hr. Create a maximum wage of $90/hr to eliminate inequality.

Institute a 6 hour workday, and 6 weeks of paid vacation.

Institute a moratorium on all foreclosures and layoffs immediately.

Repeal racist and xenophobic English-only laws.

Open the borders to all immigrants, legal or illegal. Offer immediate, unconditional amnesty, to all undocumented residents of the US.

Create a single-payer, universal health care system.

Pass stricter campaign finance reform laws. Ban all private donations. All campaigns will receive equal funding, provided by the taxpayers.

Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90%.

Pass far stricter environmental protection and animal rights laws.

Allow workers to elect their supervisors.

Lower the retirement age to 55. Increase Social Security benefits.

Create a 5% annual wealth tax for the very rich.

Ban the private ownership of land.

Make homeschooling illegal. Religious fanatics use it to feed their children propaganda.

Reduce the age of majority to 16.

Abolish the death penalty and life in prison. We call for the immediate release of all death row inmates from death row and transferred to regular prisons.

Release all political prisoners immediately.

Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Abolish the debt limit.

Ban private gun ownership.

Strengthen the separation of church and state.

Immediate debt forgiveness for all.

End the ‘War on Drugs’.

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One Response to “Counter Occupy Agitprop – Be Careful Folks!”

  1. trollface.jpg

    It’s always amazing to see protestors demanding that the state exert more dominance over them. Some of this would be worse than the fucked up world we live in now. Ban homeschooling? Ban the private ownership of land? Ban private gun ownership? Yeah.

    Religious nuts use homeschooling to feed kids religious propaganda, but the state-run school system somehow doesn’t use the compulsory education system to feed kids corporate propaganda. There’s a lot of people who homeschool, not because they are religious nuts, but because they don’t want their kids taught how to become good little producer/consumers, surrounded by religious nuts, conformists, bullies, misanthropes, and other children probably being abused and neglected by their parent(s). (most likely singular parent these days with a revolving door of step-s)

    How would banning the private ownership of land not create a new elite that gets to dole out housing to people, and withhold same when they are considered antisocial or a nusiance? That’s the goal of such a system; Bertrand Russell, who in a large way brought Communism to China, wrote about this extensively.

    And ban my guns so that I’ll shut up about the next thing they want to ban — if I wouldn’t be scared of losing my food rations and housing allocation for being an antisocial nuisance anyway.

    I’m surprised they didn’t demand the immediate abolition of the family unit. That one’s still going to take a while.

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