Occupy Eureka Raided Again Nov. 14th

Once again the Eureka Police Department has raided the people’s encampment at the Humboldt County Courthouse.

Reports indicate that there were multiple arrests……..still waiting on details.


situation as of 830 am nov 14

I went down to the courthouse.  Raid confirmed, the courthouse lawn is roped off with crime scene tape.  There are 12-15 LE on scene.  There are still 3 or 4 brothers and sisters out on the sidewalk with signs.  Support needed.  Copwatch needed.  Witnesses needed.

Update 9 am Reports that 15-40 were arrested.  Report that Eureka Police Department used nunchukas on non-violent  passive resistors.

Update 12 noon to 2 pm  Several dozen protestors still on the sidewalks.  About half a dozen Humco Sheriff’s on scene to watch them.  Beginning of chain link fence being put up.


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