On Television – The New Opiate of the People

I killed my television in 2003 and I have never looked back.

Although I don’t discriminate against people who still watch television I do find that most of the people who are my friends also no longer watch television.

The  television experience is almost totally passive.  You are induced into a trance and then shit is pumped non-stop into your head.

Since I rarely sit and watch tv I was astonished recently when I spent a few hours watching tv at some friend’s house.  I saw probably thousands of images of beautiful women (and some beautifiul men) lots of images of products to buy, and lots of  images of things to  fear, all flashed in rapid cinema style on the screen.

What do you see?

If you watch tv and you don’t think that television is addictive, then I challenge you to disconnect the cable for a week.  I  don’t think that most of you can do it.  But if you can, maybe you will get the chance and the time to really talk to that person you sleep with every night.

Television is the new opiate of the people.

have a peaceful day,

the above was in response to posts by jr and tra on this thread in the Humbold Herald:’


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