Please Support Community Activism – Support PARC!

Once again, we’re asking for donations to keep PARC surviving. 

Currently, we are working to support Occupy Eureka, collecting information and meeting with various people to prevent WalMart from coming in, still focusing on stopping the highway expansion through Richardson Grove, participating in solidarity with the prisoners in the SHU to get their five demands met (to stop the torture), working on the PEOPLE PROJECT lawsuit challenging anti-camping and sitting, lying and “existing homeless” laws, doing daily support for victims of police brutality, giving court support, strategizing with people going through the in-justice system, making documentary videos for community viewing, and maintaining computers, a phone, a give-away (free stuff) space, a book lending library, a large collection of free literature, a community kitchen, and work and relax space.

The benefit on October 1st was great!  Thanks to everyone who made it happen and made it a success.  We are talking about doing such benefits every other month.  The food was AWESOME, I mean, super gourmet.  All made by our comrades and other hardworking folks.  The music from Bill Holmes and Tommie Willson was SUPERB and perfect for the atmosphere and the vibe. The donated raffle prizes were sweet and fun to raffle off.  The Universalist Unitarian Church is beautiful and such a nice space for gathering.  We had some comrades from the Bay area in attendance who were traveling to Pelican Bay State Prison in support of the human rights hunger strike.  They spoke strongly about the hunger strike.  We showed this film about WalMart and resistance to it, and had a short discussion, followed by a great meeting a week later.  WalMart IS DEFINITELY signed, sealed, and ready to move in.  So, it’s up to all of us to stop ’em! 

So, next benefit in December!  Please get in touch if you want to help make it happen!

Please donate in any way you can to help PARC pay the bills and rent.  We also keep a jail support line going for people arrested in political action, and that costs money too. 

You may use the paypal account at the PARC page:

Or call before dropping off a donation at PARC:  707.442.7465.

Or mail a donation to:
P.O. Box 5692
Eureka, CA  95502

Thank you!

Verbena, Etta, and folks


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