URGENT Occupy Eureka

Right now, Occupy Eureka is in their nightly General Assembly.   The County govt. has been complaining to the Eureka City govt. about the Occupy demonstration (on the lawn of the Courthouse/Jail).  The County has been requesting that the Eureka Police Department come raid, or break up, the demonstration.  We think that it is imminent- the EPD coming to shut down the demonstration.

Please come down to the courthouse tonight whenever you can.  If you have a camera, great, bring it.  Bring warm clothes so you can stay a while.  Bring anything warm you can spare and SPREAD THE WORD.  Carpool to the courthouse.  Occupy Eureka is bustling every day with people talking about the Occupy movement and the problems of capitalism, inequality, and endless destruction of all things good- that have led to this movement.  Nighttime is scarcer at Occupy Eureka, and it could use your presence. 

 Please come out and make EPD reconsider breaking up the most visible Occupy demonstration in the County.  Occupy Eureka has been set up for 26 days and nights.

Please support your local Occupy.



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