Occupy Eureka Alert!

from Occupy Eureka
This is a real ALERT!  
Re: County threatens action against our Occupy demonstration
We’re right here in the midst
of a world movement  and
our involvement is an absolute must!



An administrator from the County of Humboldt has requested that Occupy Eureka immediately take down our tents and cease ‘camping’. The County has refused to allow us to bring in a port-a-potty to put across the street in the county parking lot.  They have closed off use of bathrooms in the jail visit section of the courthouse.  They have said we cannot have any bedding, kitchen or other survival equipment on site.  
We have been informed that if do not meet their demands immediately, law enforcement will be called upon to “assist.”  At any  moment now,  law enforcement officers could come in and remove our tents, cooking areas and equipment , which are essential to our demonstration.
We are attempting to determine the best procedure for our action, while remembering our primary purpose is to keep our Occupy Eureka, in soldarity with Occupy Wall-Street, alive and thriving!
Tonight please attend our General Assembly at 7:00pm and/or be present tomorrow early for a strong presence in face of this threat. Occupy Eureka is our local contribution to a world movement!  It is time to stand strong and let our voices be heard!


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