Oakland Deploys Sonic Cannons Against the Occupy Encampment?

There are unverified (at this time) reports that the Oakland Police have attacked the occupy encampment this tuesday morning using tear gas, rubber bullets and sonic cannons.


occupy oakland livestream:  http://www.livestream.com/occupyoakland

more on this:  http://urlet.com/appreciative.bop


2 Responses to “Oakland Deploys Sonic Cannons Against the Occupy Encampment?”

  1. From your link: “Local media reports indicated that hundreds of police showed up wearing riot gear around 4:40 a.m. and proceeded to surround the small tent city at the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. They closed in on the camp within 20 minutes after donning gas masks and firing tear gas into the protest. “Dozens” were arrested, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

    I’d like to know more about this as news reports come in.

    The economic depression that started in 1929 awakened protest movements such as our current ‘New Depression’ has sparked the occupation of Wall Street, Oakland, and cities throughout the world.

    I’ve often thought demonstrators at some point will be cleared out, tear-gassed, and clubbed into relinquishing their liberated territory– as was the case with the Bonus Army of veterans occupying Washington in 1932.

  2. The Oakland police really, really doesn’t like Hoovervilles:

    Police fired tear gas at least five times Tuesday night into a crowd of several hundred protesters backing the Occupy movement who unsuccessfully tried to retake an encampment outside Oakland City Hall that officers had cleared away more than 12 hours earlier…

    “Protesters scattered in both directions on Broadway as the tear gas canisters and several flash-bang grenades went off… One wounded woman, who others said had been hit by one of the canisters, was carried away by two protesters… The crowd at its peak grew to more than 1,000 at about 8:30 p.m., and two officers were wounded from the paint and chemicals thrown at them…”

    It’s a wild story in today’s SF Gate Police Tear Gas Occupy Oakland Protesters (again)

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