Stop the WalMart Invasion of Humboldt and Eureka

Do you want to keep WalMart from invading Eureka?

Please come to a meeting on Wednesday night, 6:00pm in the basement of the Labor Temple in Eureka (840 E St, where 9th and E Streets meet).  The basement is a comfortable, great meeting space.  Snacks will be shared at the meeting.

Please be prepared to possibly take on tasks and get the ball rolling to prevent WalMart from moving in.  We will likely discuss research that needs to be done, potential legal maneuvers, outreach to our community, and building a strong peoples’ resistance. 

If you are unaware of the negative impacts of WalMarts, please watch this movie collage, put together to summarize WalMart’s harmful effects.

There is a lot of info online.  Here are two links.
Spread the word!!

Keep WalMart Out
Mtg at 6:00pm
Eureka Labor Temple (basement):  840 E St., Eureka

For more info, to give input, or to plan or learn about future meetings, please call Peoples Action for Rights and Community (PARC):  707.442.7465
Stop WalMart’s Sneaky Invasion


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