Occupy Humboldt, Occupy Arcata, Occupy Eureka, Occupy HSU

Please note that there are two “Occupy” events in Humboldt this Saturday.

There is an ‘Occupy the Banks’ action in Arcata beginning at 11:30am.
Then in Eureka, beginning at 1pm, there will be a March from the F St.Pier to the site of Occupy Eureka (lawn of Humboldt County Courthouse/Jail) for a Speak Out Forum.

Below is a press release from Occupy Humboldt (on HSU campus) and from Occupy Eureka.

Occupy Humboldt Takes it to the Banks
13 Oct. 2011

Arcata, Calif., — In solidarity with the nationwide movement, Occupy Humboldt is planning a day of action for Occupy The Banks on Oct. 15.
The initial idea behind Occupy The Banks is to get the 99 Percent to withdraw their money from large, corporate banking institutions, such as Bank of America which has plans to introduce a new $5 monthly debit card fee. Instead, individuals are encouraged to bank with local institutions and credit unions.

Since corporations are recognized as people by our government, and their money is protected as political speech, the people are raising their “voices” and acting with their money.

“We all have different views, but we all realize that something needs to change with our current banking system,” says Justin Gallant, occupier and HSU student.

Occupy Humboldt does not officially endorse any course of action, but encourages people to use the day to examine how they save and invest their money and the greater implications of those decisions. The hope is that people can act together to create positive alternatives and real economic justice.

The group will meet at 7th and H Streets in Arcata at 11:30 a.m. to create opportunities for reflection and action. Everyone is invited to participate. The regular 7 p.m. General Assembly, open to all, will follow.

While similar actions have also been publicized for Oct. 31, Nov. 3 and Nov. 5, among others, Occupy Humboldt will help celebrate Oct. 15 and each day of Occupy The Banks, as well.

Stay tuned…
Peace & Solidarity
Occupy Humboldt
For news and information, visit http://www.oHYPERLINKhttp://www.occupyhumboldt.org/”ccupyhumboldt.org
Impact By Numbers
Awareness Through Free Speech
Control Back Into Our Hands



Saturday, October 15
Meet at the F St. Waterfront Pier in Eureka; March to the Humboldt Courthouse lawn (site of Occupy Eureka) for the Forum

The March will begin at 1pm from the Pier (look for the signs). We will past the banks to the Humboldt County Courthouse/Jail (site of Occupy Eureka) where at 2pm several distinguished community members, including labor union folks, will address the gathered community. At about 4pm, there will an open mic, opportunity for anyone in attendance to speak.


One Response to “Occupy Humboldt, Occupy Arcata, Occupy Eureka, Occupy HSU”

  1. Douglas McAlpin Says:

    I hear there is a need for orators in your area? If I can get a ride from anyone heading that way from LA area with my two dogs and supplies, I’d be more than happy to spend the winter with Occupy Humbolt County. You can check out my profile on myspace. 757nature / This Season’s Messenger

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