Casey Jones – Connoisseur Genetics

With the creator of the sought after Casey Jones strain, Head Seeds, H3ad Seeds, or Grateful H3ad seemingly disappeared for a while and not releasing any more seeds, this company has come forth with a version they call Grateful Casey Jones.  According to the breeders it is the truecannabis cut of Casey Jones from Amsterdam self pollinated to create feminized S1 seeds.

Some of the places below are out of stock, I don’t know if they have sold out already or they have not yet received their initial stock. 

Connoisseur Genetics also has several Casey Jones crosses, look for them in the seed banks along with this Casey Jones.  These include Chemmy Jones,  NYC Jones and Sour Hazy Jones.

Casey Jones is a cross of Orient Express (Arcata Trainwreck x Thai) and East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) with the Orient Express via Billy Goat Seeds.

from the breeder: 

“Here we have reversed the Truecannabliss cut of Head Seeds Casey Jones, now widely available on the Amsterdam coffee shop scene and we used it to pollinate itself. Casey Jones is a true elite strain in seed form and we are extremely grateful to Head Seeds for bringing it to the world. The spectrums of flavour we hope to represent with these S1s are a meaty/earthy funk with sweet fruity diesel undertones. We give all credit to grateful Head Seeds as all we did was remake his already outstanding work into fem seed Expect monster yields.”

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Yield – Huge 

Available in 5 cannabis feminized seeds

Sea of Seeds:



Canna Collective (UK):



Sensible Seeds:

more info:


One Response to “Casey Jones – Connoisseur Genetics”

  1. I got a strain named ‘Geisha’ that I’m still working with four or five years later that I received as a tester from Grat3ful H3ad. It’s a C99 cross, and it’s amazing. I’m hoping H3ad is out there somewhere still doing his thing, he’s the real deal 🙂

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