Diebold Voting Machines Hacked by Our Own Government!

As heard on Tom Hartmann KGOE 1480 AM and reported on the Brad Blog:
National Security Lab Hacks Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machine by Remote Control With $26 in Computer Parts: My New EXCLUSIVE at Salon
Hack team leader: ‘Can do similar things on pretty much every e-voting machine’…
The Vulnerability Assessment Team (VAT) at the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois has managed to hack a Diebold Accuvote touch-screen voting machine in what I describe at my exclusive today at Salon [Brad Friedman] as perhaps “one of the most disturbing e-voting machine hacks to date.”
Brad Blog (Brad Friedman):  http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8785
more from googlenews:  http://urlet.com/downside.deduced

2 Responses to “Diebold Voting Machines Hacked by Our Own Government!”

  1. Wow! You could at least give thorough directions with diagrams. I could fix all the ills in my community by just visiting all the polling places on election day. In a smaller community, easily done! I could finally get rid of our sleazy mayor and all those councilmen in the developers’ pockets. These are some really honest people, as I’m sure you could imagine. In order to secure federal financial assistance for their new airport, they told the FAA that the old airport served 126,000 passengers a year. It was clearly overburdened and inadequate. Well, it turns out that there were only about 52,000 passengers, and half of those were employees of Skywest, the locally based airline, taking freebie flights. So actually the airport served about 26,000 paying passengers, and the city fathers, in their sterling integrity, told the Feds a small 100,000 passenger fib. That’s a 400% white lie, if you’re counting! And that’s only the beginning. The City’s contracts with private pilots were so rapacious and draconian that almost no one signed them. They moved their planes to nearby airports or sold them. So our spanking new airport is, ummm, rather quiet. But with $26 worth of parts, I could rid myself of the present government, which the comatose insist upon returning to office! Sweet!

  2. Nobody counts votes anyway, because nobody cares.

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