Insane GOP Clown Posse Debate LIVE VIDEO STREAM

update:  Perry is slick but Bachmann is very credible.  

uptdate:  Newt is obviously playing for VP.

Crazy Herman proposes a whole new national sales tax, only 9 %!

update:  Romney shallow, shadow, hollow…..fading

update:  Santorum must be running for VP too, that is the only possible explanation for his presence….

update:  Ron Paul, seems like a nice guy, as honest as any polititian can be, just honestly wrong on so many issues.  The real Ron Paul question is since he will never get the GOP nod in a billion years does he have the balls to run a legit third party campaign?

update:  Crazy Herman promotes “Chilean Model” does he mean we need a Pinochet?

update:  Rick Perry wants the Feds to deploy 3,000 agents, predator drones to “secure the border?”  Why can’t Texas take care of itself, Governor?

update:  Newt jumps on the qwazy train with a proposal for a guest worker program and English as official language.  Yee Haw!



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