Berlusconi To Impose “Solidarity Tax” on High Incomes

When the SHTF this is what your right wing ideology gets you.  Tea Party pay attention.

via ZeroHedge:


  • A “solidarity tax” on high earners, to be levied for two years, as an additional 5 percent on income above 90,000 euros per year and 10 percent on income above 150,000 euros.
  • Increase in taxation of income from financial investments to 20 percent from 12.5 percent, excluding income from government bonds.
  • Purchases worth more than 2,500 euros will no longer be allowed to be made in cash, as a means of curbing tax evasion. There will also be tougher penalties, such as suspension from professional bodies, for failure to issue receipts and invoices.
  • All non-religious public holidays, such as the June 2 anniversary of the founding of the Italian Republic, will be celebrated on a Sunday in a bid to increase the number of working days in a year.



One Response to “Berlusconi To Impose “Solidarity Tax” on High Incomes”

  1. 2500 euro not even 4,000 $usd the man loves to jam flashlights up your ass to force you into debt service to bankers.

    Interest rates near zero? Why not recall and refi the national debt and rid the balance sheet of the compounding interest? If government was really on your side and counting pennies (bennies…ha!) this would have been done and saved countless zeros from the debt.
    bankers are the filthiest creatures to crawl the planet….

    when Lucifer took Jesus up on the mountain to tempt him the offer was all the governments of the world if Jesus would bow down and worship him… could the devil pay a bill with something he didn’t own?

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