Suddenlink internet service and Verizon phone service went down yesterday afternoon for Eureka, Arcata and wide swaths of Humboldt County, and continued into the night, though service was restored by 6 am this morning.  This is at least the 2nd significant suddenlink outage this year so far.

Supposedly it was caused by a fiber cable break near Willits, on the “only fiber optic cable connection to the Lost Coast.”  I have heard this before but other smaller independent ISPs were able to maintain their internet connections, maybe they are on some kind of satellite?

Of course I thought maybe this was caused by the CME but suddenlink says no it was just a little brush fire near Willits.

Suddenlink’s customer service simply disappeared.  It looks like they simply unplugged their phones.  You call the 800 number and you get an actress (Katherine Hepburn?) reading you the news:  “We’re sorry but all our circuits are busy.  Please call back at a later time.”  She says it with that  plaintive  tone in her voice, you know, like ask me too many questions and I will faint or maybe bust out crying.  Pure pathos.  Oscar winning material, if there were  Oscars for phone message recordings.

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