August 9th Is Cotton Day

It has been almost four years since Martin “Fred” Cotton II was beat to death by the cops in front of the Eureka “Rescue” Mission and then inside a Humboldt County jail cell.
Every year, people gather in Eureka on August 9th to protest the violence of the police, coverups of truth, abusive acts against houseless people, and the insane and cruel behavior of the state toward those of us experiencing emotional or mental crises.  Martin Cotton’s death requires us to examine all of these inhumanities. 

We also gather to remember Martin (or Freddy, as he is also known by many), to honor and support his family, and to share and connect in a good way with other survivors of police brutality and intimidation.  Martin’s father will be with us as he is every year on this day- in strength, sadness, remembrance, and in solidarity with all people who have lost loved ones to police violence. Martin’s brutal death was witnessed by many houseless people, causing them great trauma and fear.  Speaking out against the violence UNITES and EMPOWERS us.  We are learning to defend each other and share healing and strength- so many of us, hurt and frightened.

Please respond, either by email or phone, if you can help organize for August 9th. We don’t need anything elaborate, but we cannot let Martin Cotton be forgotten, and we will continue to insist on dignified and compassionate treatment of ALL people.

If you can help with food, signs, candles, or ideas, please get in contact.  Participate in this protest of police violence AND help create a space of honoring and peace for Martin’s spirit and his family.
ALSO:  There is a civil rights case against the cops who murdered Martin which goes to trial next month (September) in Oakland.  There are groups in the Bay area who we have connected with to help mobilize around the trial (and more connecting to do).  Please CALL to get involved!  Oakland September 12th!
Links to fliers:
Current announcement for Cotton Day on the Redwood Curtain CopWatch website:
Martin F. Cotton II was beat to death by Eureka Police and Humboldt Sheriff’s on August 9th, 2007.
Please mark your calendar and join us on Tuesday August 9th, 2011 in Remembance of Martin Cotton and in Resistance to the injustice system that took his life.
More details of Cotton Day events coming soon.

HELP ORGANIZE PUBLIC PRESENCE AT THE CIVIL RIGHTS TRIAL set to begin on September 12th against the City of Eureka and County of Humboldt… please contact us.

Contact:  707.633.4493


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