Eureka’s Great Depression Walk – Eureka Discovery Walks

from the site Eureka Discovery Walks:

“Both the Vet’s Hall and the Muni are exemplars of a type of “moderne” called the “Zigzag Moderne” style, characterized by patterned wall surfaces and zigzag chevrons and other stylized geometric motifs.

F street, between 11th and 12th, Eureka Municipal Auditorium, 1120 F street. A 1935 WPA project, the massive Eureka Muni is an example of the Art Deco style. Fluted piers separate the extrance bays between the heavy fluted corners. The section is embellished with abstracted, two-dimensional ornament typical of the style. At the cornice level, this ornament resemble organic motifs. The main body of the building is similarly detailed, and layered horizontal bands occur at the parapet level behind the entrance. On the side elevation, four recessed bays with upper floor windows are flanked by pavilions with thin windows and Art Deco styling. (GB p. 112)

H street, between 10th & 11th, Veteran’s Memorial Hall, 1020 H street. A 1930 WPA project, Beaux Arts design principles resulted in an imposing Art Deco Vet’s Memorial building. Rectangular and cubed masses intersect in a hierarchical fashion that make the building human in scale. Fluted columns support the recessed entrance porch, and the windows on either side are fixed pane with casement set in to recessed concrete frames with a recessed spandrel panel. Above most of the windows is a carved horizontal decorative panel. A similar band, but much wider, is found at the upper cornice level below the polygonal dome.”

much more fun w/pix:


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