Humboldt Media FAIL: the Blue Lake Rancheria / Mainstay Business Solutions Story

Except for one or two little stories in the Times-Standard there has been a complete media blackout in Humboldt County about the Blue Lake Rancheria / Mainstay Business Solutions story that broke a few months ago.  This story is as big a financial scandal as the Humboldt Creamery and it is centered in the same area of the county.  Now one can speculate that since the Blue Lake Rancheria advertises its casino heavily in local newsprint (Times-Standard and North Coast Journal) and on radio/TV that the owners of these media don’t want to offend on of their biggest sponsors.

It must be noted that the Rancheria is also a big political contributor locally, and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce held a love fest with Mainstay just the month before they collapsed.  The Eureka Chamber is on a trifecta:  Evergreen Pulp to Humboldt Creamery to Mainstay Business Solutions.  One house of financial cards after another.  Good judgement boys.

But come on, this put 10,000 workers statewide temporarily out of employment.  As things stand the taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars of unpaid workers comp and unemployment.  This is a big story with a small town coverup.  Get on it.

Since I started reporting on this here I have gotten hundreds of hits on it.

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4 Responses to “Humboldt Media FAIL: the Blue Lake Rancheria / Mainstay Business Solutions Story”

  1. Phil Sullivan Says:

    Thank you for finally following up on Mainstay’s situation. I was a permanent employee of Mainstay’s when they ‘shut down’. Mainstay did not pay me for two weeks of salary, PTO time, and several expense reports. I filed a Labor Board Claim and was told that the State of Ca cannot pursue Mainstay claims…their exact words were “hands off”. I sent a letter to Barbara Boxer’s office regarding this issue, no reply. How can Mainstay get away with all this AND get a huge federal tax refund as stated in the Peter Reilly article????

  2. Nancy Woodward Says:

    what’s really awful is, they got all those breaks intended for damaged tribal peoples, and they aren’t even Native Americans. The Blue Lake Rancheria aka The Honky Rancheria is owned and ruled by a family of 100%european descent.

  3. Eric Ramos is the mastermind behind a multi faceted fraudulent scheme against the State of California. Indian or not he stole for our citizens and needs to be brought to justice.

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