Was the Daniel Kalis Arrest the Cause of Garr Nielsen’s Firing?

The whole Kalis affair is strange, with a cop being investigated for six months but the investigators not knowing there was an arrest warrant, the subsequent charging over drugs, false imprisonment, theft among others (but not taken into custody!!!), the fact that Kalis was placed on administrative leave by the EPD a month BEFORE his arrest but Garr Nielsen says he was unaware of the case.  It is also apparent that one or more persons in the EPD or other Humboldt law enforcement were covering up for Kalis.  This is a strange story.


“The DA’s Office announced last week that it was charging Kalis with nine criminal counts — including heroin and marijuana possession, petty theft, false imprisonment, vandalism and accessing DMV records without authorization — on the heels of an investigation it launched in January.”

here’s a tv interview of Garr Nielsen on the Kalis affair:



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