Eureka Recall?

There are some people calling for a recall of the Eureka City Council because of the recent firing of Police Chief Garr Nielsen.

Presumably the targets of the recall would be the three recently elected conservatives.  This would require the collection of signatures equal to 20% of the total registered voters in Eureka for each council person recalled.  I will be calling the county election office today for official figures but I will ballpark this figure at 2,500 signatures.  UPDATE:  There are 14,132  registered voters in Eureka as of today.  20% of 14,132 is 2,827.  Certainly the circulators will want to gather a few hundred more sigs than this for a margin of safety.  You will need 100 volunteers who are willing to collect 25  30 sigs each.  If the local Democratic Party would energize its phone bank for this it could be easily accomplished.  However we saw a failure of the Democrats last year in the push for true ward voting.  The Democratic Party machinery was nowhere.  In addition the “progressives” must find and agree upon three candidates who will be viable in the replacement election.  We failed to do that in 2010 where at least one of these people was elected unopposed and another slipped by in a three way race.  Somehow the Demo-Green alliance must be revived or there is not much hope.

Recall info from Secretary of State:

1.If an officer of a city, county, school district, county board of education, or resident voting district is sought to be recalled, the number of signatures must be equal in number to not less than the following percent of registered voters in the electoral jurisdiction:

(a) Thirty percent if the registration is less than 1,000.

(b) Twenty-five percent if the registration is less than 10,000 but at least 1,000.

(c) Twenty percent if the registration is less than 50,000 but at least 10,000.

(d) Fifteen percent if the registration is less than 100,000 but at least 50,000.

(e) Ten percent if the registration is 100,000 or above


One Response to “Eureka Recall?”

  1. yawn…..get a life! the voters have spoken and they want to see a marina built in Eureka, and don’t want to stay on the current course of garbage people living in a garbage dump. Go smoke your pot and play some old hippie records nobody cares about!

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