“Halo Event” Coronal Mass Ejection Headed for Direct Hit on Earth

Watch this one for earthquakes (thursday through monday)  and possible significant electronic, radio frequency, and electromagnetic disturbances.  This should hit about 6:22 PDT local time here on the west coast of N. America, give or take of course 7 hours.  Sometime between noon and midnight thursday here.

UPDATE magnitude 7.2 – fox islands, aleutian islands, alaska http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0004f5m.php

via Spaceweather.com:


“According to analysts at the GSFC Space Weather Lab, the CME left the sun traveling 800 km/s and it will reach Earth on June 23rd at 23:22 UT (plus or minus 7 hours). A very cool 3D heliospheric model shows the cloud sweeping past our planet. The impact is expected to trigger a G2-class (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm.”

CMEs aimed at Earth are called “halo events” because of the way they look in coronagraph images. As the expanding cloud of an Earth-directed CME looms larger and larger it appears to envelop the Sun, forming a halo around our star.


via NASA:


WaPo is running a series on this topic right now.  Here is part 2:


Getting Ready for the Next Solar Storm (NASA):



One Response to ““Halo Event” Coronal Mass Ejection Headed for Direct Hit on Earth”

  1. Nice reporting lately, Bill. Keep up the good work. You have been the voice of reason and some very interesting posts lately.

    Have a peaceful day, too… skippy

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