Fort Calhoun Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Flooded

The pic above  is purportedly of the flooded Nebraska nuclear power plant at Fort Calhoun.  The pic is from the anti-nuclear website in French language and has not been verified.  There are several other pictures at the site.

One question is that there is supposedly an FAA no fly zone over the plant, so how was this picture produced?  A telephoto lens?

update perhaps the source of the photos:

more from googlenews:

2 Responses to “Fort Calhoun Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Flooded”

  1. When we had visited that site in 88′ in October, the river water was warm (downstream of the plant) with the plant being w/in 300 yds. Something that was a white powder substance on the ground inside a squared off chain link fenced area near the parking lot. Which DID have a large chain and broken lock attached yet hanging loose. I photographed that and questioned (after I had the BLK/WHT film developed), “How safe are our Nuke plants?” We were in the area for a few hours and prior to our departure I began to feel ill, nauseated as if I were all of a sudden getting the flu. I felt fine when we arrived. I did not enter the (open, unlocked gate) area where the pwder was, nor was I about to touch it. However I did have my hands in the water enough to notice the warm temperature. I also chose to enter the visitors area of the Bldg. Had asked the guards that were on duty if they had any pamphlets, brochures or anything informative as to, if there was a melt down what would someone do? They didn’t have anything in reference to my request. They didn.t know where I could get that information from and was referred to the local Sheriff’s office, perhaps they would have something. I had said to them it would seem that here at the source there would be some info! For those that live in the area. Being this is a farming community.!
    I was presently working in the back of the Freemont Tribune, in the press area, where the fliers are inserted and papers readied for various delivery locations. However since I wasn’t working a reporters position, I did as with any citizen, have the option of “Letters the the Editor”, and this was one time I had written about Ft.Calhoun, and questioned its safety, although I wasn.t as concise in the letter to the editor as I was with my letter and photocopies of the unlocked gate, in the one I had sent to the Omaha office of the FBI. 1988 People weren’t as concerned with anti-terrorism in this country, so making my point on that regard no doubt fell moot. I wonder how clean the area is now, and secure. Whatever the powder substance was, surely not anything nuclear that would be better kept. The warmth of the water when there was snow on the ground, anyway.

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