Ballot Access Party (BAP)

A Ballot Access Party (BAP) would be a big step in the direction of multiparty democracy.

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The Ballot Access Party would be organized for one purpose:  To provide independent candidates for public office a convenient mechanism to facilitate their campaigns.  The Ballot Access Party as such would have no positions on issues beyond perhaps a disavowal of violence or candidates who espouse it.  It would be understood that Ballot Access Party candidates might espouse positions anywhere from far right to far left and of course moderate and centrist positions in between.

In most voting districts there are huge impediments to a candidate wishing to run independently of the two main parties.  One impediment is the requirement to gather signatures.  Once the Ballot Access Party has enough registered voters to appear on the ballot an independent candidate must only register to vote and then run in the BAP’s primary election.  It is as simple as that.

A Ballot Access Party would give independent voters a chance to participate more fully in the primary election process, whereas in most juridictions currently independents may not vote because they have no party affiliation. 

Once the Ballot Access Party is established in all or most of the 50 states it will be much easier to run a third party presidential run, as ballot access for a candidate can be achieved without requiring  a signature gathering process in all 50 states.

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One Response to “Ballot Access Party (BAP)”

  1. Very Interesting.
    The idea of combating our two-party system is one near and dear to me. I’ve always said we need a VIABLE alternative.
    Your suggestion bears looking into further.

    Thanks for sharing…

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