Old Town Eureka Needs a Vapor Bar….Or Two…

Old Town Eureka needs a vapor bar.  You know a nice little place kind of like a coffee house, clean safe environment, a place for medical marijuana patients to vaporize their herb in a communal space.  The vapor bar would supply a budtender or two and some volcanoes.  The patients would be required to have current recommendations and would provide their own medicine.  No medicine would be sold on premise.  The budtenders duty would involve keeping the volcanoes clean and operational and installing the new bags.  Budtenders would not handle the patient’s medicine.  Perhaps some coffee and snacks might be sold as well.

It is hard for me to see why this would require any more than a normal retail business license.  There are several locations in Eureka that would be just fine for this.  We’ll call it a smokeeasy.  Or a vapeeasy. Or a volcano bar.

Poll:  Should we open a vapor bar in Eureka? 

or visit the poll @ polldaddy:



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