Chocolate Rain, Chocolate Mix, Sannie’s

Chocolate Rain back in stock:

“A intense chocolate F1 cross from Dna Chocolope and Cocoa Kush from Dj short,the combination of two of my favorite smokes.  The selected Chocolope is a sweet bitter chocolate thai sativa with little stretch. Very easy to grow and heavy yield in 9 to 10 weeks.  This lady won multiple cups and awards with her 100% chocolate taste.

The Cocoa Kush from Dj Shorts is a structurally Kush hybrid between a female Blueberry Sativa crossed with a the original Blueberry male.  Cocoa Kush has a very complex and hard to describe taste, a bar of dark bitter chocolate with some sour cream could fit the taste.  The most darkest and exciting aroma i have ever met.

The combination of these masterworks is a perfekt bitter sweet chocolate harmony, Chocolate Rain.
Medium sized Sativa/Kush hybrid that everybody can grow.  Flowering around 10 weeks.
Every system and medium is suitable.  Let it rain chocolate.”

Chocolate Rain/ Sannies discussion:

Chocolate Rain Grow Journal, Phenos etc.

 Chocolate Mix:

“Contents 16 seeds

The first breeders choice mix.

Lavender, Budhas Sister, Cheeseberry Haze and New York City Diesel have been pollinated with the male from Chocolate Rain, the Cocoa Kush.  This side projekt when making the actual Chocolate Rain turned out to be ‘requested’ more then we suspected.  For those who have grown Chocolate Rain this is going to be a big suprise to see the actual power of this male from DJ short.  All of the mother clones are elite from Soma, the Cheeseberry Haze from myself.

The Lavender hybrid is colourfull purple to black and has special earthy, lavender spicy, chocolate tastes and smell.

The Budhas sister is the red cherry girl thats has now a more cocktailed chocolate blend, colourful pink. The high cherry tones stay.

The Cheeseberry haze vs cocoa kush turned out to be a real extravagant Cheese, berry, very few haze and (milk)chocolate.

The New york city diesel is chocolate grapefruit/oranges, extraordinary adventure. Even some traces of berry pop up.”

 Chocolate Mix:


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