Najla Hariri – “Enough is Enough”

Saudi woman seeks to put women in the driving seat
By Michael Buchanan BBC News, Jeddah
Najla Hariri says there is no law against women driving, only society’s convention
A Saudi woman has taken to the road in a direct challenge to the country’s ban on female drivers.
“Najla Hariri started driving around Jeddah last week. She is believed to be the only woman regularly driving in a Saudi city.
The 45-year-old says she was inspired by the protests taking place elsewhere in the Middle East.
“Enough is enough”, she told the BBC as she drove around the city. “I have the right to [drive].””

Hear an interview with Najla at about 35:37 into this BBC Newshour:

via Arab News:

“Recently a group announced its intention to elevate the issue with a campaign called “I Will Drive Starting June 17″ which comes after a group recently sent a petition to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah requesting his support for their action. The group, which currently professes to have 2,000 committed participants, echoes the government’s past statements that there is no law against women driving.”

“Saudi Women Driving” blog:




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