Dear Home Depot

Dear Home Depot,

This is Eureka California calling, we are a divided community.  I don’t speak for the whole community, just one voice that lives here.

It would help us a lot, it would inform our debate  if you would tell us your intentions.  Do you intend to try to locate a Home Depot store in Eureka?  We have a wounded mall called Bayshore Mall would you be interested in locating there?  We have been told that you have a deal to locate a store on Eureka’s Balloon Track.  Is that true? 

If you could be forthcoming with this information it would indicate to us a level of trust that you will be a good corporate citizen of the city of Eureka.  You don’t need to reply here.  You can figure out some appropriate public venue to give us your response. 

Please make it timely.


and have a peaceful day,


attn Humboldt Bloggers please feel free to copy this post if you wish.  Permission granted.


2 Responses to “Dear Home Depot”

  1. Teacher Says:

    I think this is an interesting idea Bill. I’m guessing however, that Home Depots don’t like to be connected to shopping malls due to the traffic which would make it difficult for people moving a lot of lumber around. I feel like all of the Home Depots that I have seen are attached to one or two other Big Box stores but not a typical shopping mall like Bayshore. Have you seen examples where Home Depot sets up shop at a traditional mall?
    I like the blog. Good story on the Saudi woman.

    Have a good day.

  2. If Home Depot will just give us a couple of straight answers then we won’t have to guess what Home Depot likes or doesn’t like. Thet is the point of Dear Home Depot.

    have a peaceful day,

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