The Speed Of….

Electromagnetic force is embedded in our three dimensional universe.

Gravitation is embedded in the fifth dimension.  When we experience gravity we are experiencing the artifact of an event, process or condition that exists in the fifth dimension.

Strong nuclear force is embedded in the seventh dimension.

Weak nuclear force is embedded in the eleventh dimension.

?? is embedded in the thirteenth dimension.   Who knows, perhaps the “entanglement” force?  Our three dimensional space may be folded in higher dimensions in such a way that points far distant in 3 space are quite near each other in n-space.  It is a thought.

The universe consists of an infinite number of dimensions with each of the prime dimensions embedding a force.  The non-prime dimensions are  there as well, but they are not unique like the prime ones, and don’t contribute unique vibrations.

When string theory is generalized beyond eleven dimensions to an infinite n-dimensional model the theorists will find the math to be easier.

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One Response to “The Speed Of….”

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