Questions Arise Over Osama Bin Laden Raid

“We hear the compound was a £1m complex constructed 5-10 years ago, had no telephone or internet connection and never put rubbish out for collection. It was eight times bigger than any other residential building in the area with walls three times higher than any other residential property nearby, and situated just a couple of hundred yards away from the Pakistan Military Academy, in a heavily militarised security zone. Are we to believe the Pakistanis had no idea or no interest in who was living there?”

+ 4 other questions:

” Why isn’t there a photograph of bin Laden’s body? Was he actually buried at sea? Did they really use his sister’s brain? We run down the coincidences that are starting to spur conspiracy theories already.”

Was Obama Prepared to Go to War With Pakistan?

Bin Laden hideout location challenges Pakistan credibility


3 Responses to “Questions Arise Over Osama Bin Laden Raid”

  1. Great links.

    And a new rabid right term; “Deatherism.” Gotta love it!

  2. Didn’t know Cindy Sheehan was “rabid right.”

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