Jason Robo’s Side of the Story

“When this matter is wrapped up, I will post a lengthy narrative of my experiences in the HCCF [Humboldt County Correctional Facility] with the inmates I met, the nature of the facility and most importantly tons of insights from encounters with the guards there.

All in all this incident seems to be a clear dissection of the injustice inherent in the systems I believe should be replaced. Numerous studies have shown flaws and human rights violations readily dispatched by the prison industrial complex, which thrives in a police state. I, for one, will never call the “authorities” ever again. Hopefully others who have not yet made this realization can learn from my mistake.

This mishap has certainly radicalized me into reanalyzing many things and I believe communities must come together to keep each other safe rather than state-sponsored bullies subsidized with our money to be better equipped than laws permit us to be. My genuine hopes are that be disengaging from these systems they will wither away and people who truly believe in freedom can preserve it best by working locally. Somebody you can call who won’t ruin your life when you are threatened.”

Jason Robo, “Unstacking the Deck”

Read all of it:



One Response to “Jason Robo’s Side of the Story”

  1. He had some other “charge” about something to do with threats against government a couple years back if I recall correctly. Musta made a black list of some type? Logan’s Run……

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