On Tsunami Stones & Nuclear Safety

One fascinating cultural detail that has emerged from Japan’s ongoing earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster are tsunami stones.

These stones, inscripted with words like “Do not build your houses below this point” were placed along the northeast coastline of Japan by the ancestors of the people who lived in these towns.  They were literally warnings from our ancestors.  The stones range in age from a hundred to six hundred years old, and were presumably erected in response to real tsunami events.

Now of course we are engulfed by a nuclear tsunami.  Our old nuclear stones were placed at the 7.5 magnitude earthquake level, but they were overwhelmed.  We need to erect some new nuclear warning stones for our descendents:  Any nuclear reactor must be able to survive a 9.0 earthquake or it should be decommissioned, and no new nuclear plants should be built unless they can survive a 9.0 earthquake.

have a peaceful day,


ANEYOSHI, Japan — The stone tablet has stood on this forested hillside since before they were born, but the villagers have faithfully obeyed the stark warning carved on its weathered face: “Do not build your homes below this point!”



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