Fundofascist Republican Gauleiter Suspends Democracy in Michigan

Benton Harbor Emergency Financial Manager Joseph Harris has suspended the powers of the city commission. On Saturday, news broke that Harris had issued an order on Thursday stating that the elected leadership of the city may no longer hold votes on any matter, other than to start a meeting, adjourn a meeting, and approve a meeting’s minutes. Issuing such an order is allowed under Michigan’s recently updated emergency financial manager law, and this is the first time an EM has actually used that authority.

from wikipedia:

A Gauleiter (German pronunciation: [ˈɡaʊlaɪtə]) was the party leader of a regional branch of the NSDAP (more commonly known as the Nazi Party) or the head of a Gau or of a Reichsgau. It has since become a term used to refer to any overbearing local official, especially one prone to the dictatorial use of political or bureaucratic power.

In theory, a Gauleiter was merely a representative of the Nazi Party who served to coordinate regional Nazi party events and also served to “advise” the local government. In practice, Gauleiters were the unquestioned rulers of their particular areas of responsibility. The legal governmental establishment merely existed as a rubber stamp for the Gauleiter. Party control over the civil administration was institutionalized, as in many cases Gauleiters also held the supreme civil administrative posts in their area (Reichsstatthalter or Oberpräsident). However, since Party Gau boundaries and provincial/state boundaries were rarely the same, this arrangement led to mutually overlapping jurisdictions and added to the administrative chaos typical of Nazi Germany.

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