Social Security Belongs to the People, Not the Democrats and Republicans

Social Security and its trust fund are the property of the people, a part of the American commons.  Social Security spending and income are not part of the federal budget process.  What is going on right now is a deliberate campaign by right wing Republicans (who hate social saftey nets)  to confuse this issue. 

The Democrats and the Republicans want to continue looting the trust fund system by borrowing from it at below market rates.  This has been going on for years.  If the government simply paid a decent rate of return above inflation on the $ trillions  it has “borrowed” from the Social Security Trust Fund that fund would have no trouble at all meeting its current and future obligations.

It is this  borrowing , this looting of our treasure by politicians from both parties that has brought us to this point.

Both of our parties need to get the message:  Hands off Social Security.  And we the people need to start making a decent return on our trust funds.  The government will have to find some other place to save money.

have a peaceful day,



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