Mexican Marines Board, Detain US Charter Boat

The charter diving boat Horizon from San Diego was anchored in Mexican waters in the Coronado Islands, and operating without a dive permit according to the Mexican naval commander.  The boat was detained for 2 hours and then kicked out of Mexican waters.

update: from the comments on the story, some of which are predictably racist but others are quite informative, including several people who were on the boat:

“10news needs to make sure their facts are correct when running an article like this. I was a passenger on board the dive boat on this day, and there were no children amongst the passengers that day. The Mexican Military did board with their weapons, but to say they were hostile is unfair. They did their job, although they did thake their time, then they left. ”

“I was also on the boat, there were no children and the mexican military was not “hostile.” This story needs to be corrected.”

UPDATE:  Apparently this issue has been ongoing since last summer:


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