Weird Story About Explosion in Santa Monica

There was an explosion near a Jewish Center in Santa Monica the other day, not a huge blast but enough to send a concrete block into the air and partly through the roof of an adjoining building.  The weird thing is the intitial insistence by the authorities that it was just some industrial accident but then all of a sudden coming up with a “transient” suspect who built a sophisticated device some how.  Below are the stories, what do you think?  Why would it be so unusual for a homeless person who frequents synagogues for help to have some of his shit found in a trash container near a synagogue?  Or that a homeless  person 1) obtained some explosives and then 2) was able to mix and pour concrete over the explosives in a bucket and then after the concrete cured detonate it?  Really most homeless people I know cannot plan that far in the future and I am not being harsh I am being realistic.  I am not getting it.

No bomb or foul play in blast near Chabad House in Santa Monica [Updated]

“No foul play was involved in an explosion Thursday morning near a Jewish religious center in Santa Monica that initially raised concerns about a bomb.

The reported explosion might have originated with a pipe under a walkway or perhaps with a malfunctioning device used to break up concrete, said sources at the scene.”

ATF: Construction accident caused blast near synagogue

“Federal authorities have determined that an accident was behind an explosion Thursday morning near a synagogue in Santa Monica, California, an official said.

“Early indications point to a construction accident,” said Christian Hoffman, spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Los Angeles.

Sgt. Jay Trisler of the Santa Monica Police Department told CNN that there was some sort of mechanical failure in the building adjacent to the synagogue that caused the explosion.”

Police watch LA synagogues, seek suspect after blast

“LOS ANGELES — Police have stepped up patrols around synagogues and Jewish centers in the west Los Angeles area after a homemade bomb blast triggered a hunt for a suspect described as “extremely dangerous.”

Detectives issued a mugshot of a 60-year-old homeless man, Ron Hirsch, wanted over the explosion Thursday near the Chabad House Jewish temple in Santa Monica, west of Los Angeles.”

“But intensive analysis by bomb experts over 24 hours found material linked to a known transient in the debris of a 300-pound (135 kg) metal post cased in cement which landed on a nearby roof.”

Now it looks like they are accusing Hirsch of constructing some kind of primitive mortar:

“Hirsch is also known as Israel Fisher, according to information released by police. He constructed the projectile device using elements including concrete, explosive powder, dry ice and what appears to be an expansion joint sealant, or other expanding plastic or foam.


The oddly constructed mechanical launcher appears to have been highly effective at hurling its material, although it did not seriously damage the Chabad House which appears to have been its target.”

I guess its not impossible for a 60 yo homeless guy who tows his possessions behind a bicycle to construct a sophisticated military device, including poured concrete and weighing over 350 pounds.  It just seems unlikely.  WTF?


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